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Elite 16 Channel Compact 4K Security NVR The NVR-ELE16C-4KS2 is a 16 Channel NVR from our Elite line of security products. You’ll be able to record up to 16 UHD 8MP IP Network cameras and view them on your 4K monitor! If you’re currently using lower resolution IP cameras, you can still use those with this NVR while you benefit from the latest advancements and features. This NVR uses an H.265 compression standard that allows for a better quality video at a lower bit rate and requires less storage space. You will also be able to use this with IVS (Intelligent Video System) enabled cameras to detect abandoned or missing objects, recognize tripwire and intrusion violations and it can even work with cameras with built-in Business Analytics for Facial Detection, People Counting, etc. Using a Quad Core Processor and embedded Linux OS, this recorder is able to efficiently process all of the data generated by so many cameras with such high resolutions. This NVR acts as a standalone unit with no additional cards or hardware required. The user friendly GUI interface makes your setup and system configuration simple with a few clicks of the included mouse once you’ve connected to a monitor using either the HDMI or VGA connection. Once connected, you don’t even need to keep a monitor connected since you can view your cameras remotely on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone as long as there is internet access.

With high resolution cameras comes the need for more storage and this NVR has plenty of room for your hard drives. You’ll have space for up to 4 hard drives at 8TB each giving you a total of 32TB of storage. While you’re adding the NVR to you cart, you’ll have the option to add the number and size of hard drives that you want so we can install, configure, and test them for you at no additional charge. When you receive your NVR, take it out of the box, connect your router, PoE switch, and cameras and you’re set. No need to worry about setting up hard drives. Just another way that helps you get secure quicker and easier. If there ever comes a time that you need more storage space, you can always connect an external drive using one of the USB ports and if you ever need a small amount of footage, you can plug a flash drive into the USB port and copy the needed footage to that for easy sharing! We stand behind all of our products and this includes a 2 year warranty, FREE US based tech support, and FREE remote monitoring software.


Elite 16 Channel Compact 4K Security MVR

$549.95 Regular Price
$499.95Sale Price
    • Recording Speed: 8MP/ 6MP/ 5MP/ 4MP/ 3MP/ 1080P/ 1.3MP/ 720P | Max 200Mbps
    • Resolution: 8MP/ 6MP/ 5MP/ 4MP/ 3MP/ 1080P/ 1.3MP/ 720P
    • Drive Capacity: 4 SATA
    • Video Inputs: 16
    • Ethernet Ports: 2
    • Video Outputs: 1 HDMI, 1 VGA
    • Audio Inputs: 1 Audio
    • Outputs: 1 Internal
    • DVD Burner Support: No
    • Smart Phone Access/Push Notification: Yes
    • Motion Activated Recording: Yes
    • PTZ Control: Yes
    • Simultaneous Remote Users: 128
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